Friday, June 5, 2015

Women in America.... Still Fighting for Equality!!

For the past week, I’ve been undergoing a spiritual cleansing, much like a transformation, as I embark upon a new journey in my life. As an advocate for gender equality, ongoing abuse towards women and other causes the Great Spirit deems necessary for me to support, I’ve decided to break one of my vows during my sabbatical to share my thoughts on the negative comments regarding Catilyn Jenner’s “transformation,” despite the retreat’s restrictions on cell phone and internet use, I couldn’t go another day without letting Catilyn know, “You’re my hero!!”

As an American Olympian, her fire can certainly help to further our cause for equal rights and gender equality.

Catilyn I must say, you definitely have come full-circle.  As a fellow water zodiac sign, “May your journey towards embracing your womanhood be pleasant and smooth, like the gentle streams that nourish the valleys. May your passion for equality grow, as it is nourished by each step you've taken thus far; and may your life’s lessons provide pearls of wisdom as we continue to understand the duality within human nature.

I, “WE” welcome the new you!  

“You Go Girl!”

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