Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thought for the day.... One of my latest pieces...

© 2015  Syneeda Penland

Loving Soul you are to me,
Rebirth into your realm
Through synchronicity,
Cycled through the dimensions of time,
Living spirits – Intertwined.

All connected to the same chord of life,
Connected to Mother Earth’s core,
Who first seeded life.

Her healing waters
Which soothes her core,
Shall come forth
To cleanse our souls once more.

As we celebrate this year’s Spring,
New life – rebirth souls she will bring.

Brought forth to help guide us
Towards the healing light,
Captured by the moon’s essence at night.

Protecting your souls as you sleep at night
To awaken you to God’s Glory,
Amen Ra’s Sunlight.

As it sits to the East of the West below,
Loving and caring America,
New seeds she will bestow.

Once and for all
To cleanse her sons of hate,
A better life for his wives,
Sons and daughters,
He will soon create

To teach them the difference
Between right and wrong,
To teach them obedience;
How to get along.

To become proud protectors
Of her sacred land,
To grow older and wiser
So he can better understand
The true nature and ways
Of our Divine Mother Earth,
As she welcomes us all
To our Spirits’ rebirth.  

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