Friday, May 1, 2015

President Barack Obama and Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake: Reject "thug." It's the new n-word.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and President Obama have both used the word "thug" this week to describe some protestors on the streets of Baltimore. 

It's an ugly word that reinforces a culture and a language that doesn’t value Black life — that doesn’t see Black people as human. It’s easier to kill someone when you don’t see them as a person, but rather deem them "a thug.”

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Food for thought:

During my 20 years in the Navy, I learned that one of the most valued character traits of a noble leader is to be able to show compassion for his or her people, despite their upbring, because it is your duty to train them, supervise them, mentor them and lead them to effectively accomplish the command's mission.  

With so much violence in America, WHY IS AMERICA STILL AT WAR in someone else's country, INSTEAD OF FIXING HER PROBLEMS AT HOME?

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