Thursday, May 21, 2015

Frontline reports, "How the Military Retaliates Against Sexual Assault Victims."

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Food for thought:
  If looks were intimidating, I would be afraid of these guys, but when you consider that an apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, makes you wonder why the military haven’t fixed this problem!!

Not only is it embarrassing, it mimics the attitude of senior members in Congress who support minimal sentencing of rapists and their desire to claim parental rights to a child conceived from rape.  The military is still allowing unprosecuted rapist to be released into society, making our young girls (and boys) susceptible to being raped. 

As long as the military is allowed to continue to manage over itself; i.e. staffing its own lawyers, judges, courtrooms and prisons, veterans civil and human rights will never be protected.  

The Civil Rights Act, Equal-Employment Opportunity Act and Whistleblower  Protection Act are never enforced and I for one have seen both sides of failed military leadership, as a former appointed Inspector General  (IG) investigator, Legal officer, Command Managed Equal Opportunity manager, and Logistics and Budget officer.

After giving the commanding officer my expert opinion on a particular matter, he would first seek to bend the rules in an attempt to salvage his own career. 

It is the responsibility of the commanding officer to uphold the Civil Rights of every personnel under his/her command.  Due to his failure to do so (obviously because a complaint has been filed) he condones the criminal behavior of the perpetrator and not the victim.  Because of the mindset of the “Good ole Boys” victims of military rape will never get justice.

If only more women were in senior ranks, we would not have this problem!!!

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Anonymous said...

It may take the election of the first female President to change the mindset of bullies, rapists and chauvinistic pigs serving in the highest ranks of our military. How can justice be upheld if you are apart of the system that condones criminal behavior. Yet, this is all throughout our government agencies.