Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Thought for the day...

What Does Justice Mean to Me?

Is it freedom?
Is it equality?
Is it liberation of my soul?

Is it non-conformity?
Is it bondage?
Is it escaping the wrath of being sold?

Captivity of the mind
is worse than being shackled in chains;
tormented by lucid thoughts of freedom
seduces the chemistry in my brain.

When forced to accept lies
after witnessing the truth,
barely escaping this spiritual warfare
what else is the soul to do?

Justice is not a favored ruling
in man’s courts of law.
Within each layer of his judicial system
lies disobedience of the Divine Law.

Guided by his evil thoughts,
carried out by his deceptive actions;
believing that his way is the only way,
thus suppressing the spirit from reacting.

His passion is fueled by greed,
hate, power and control;
submitting to his demonic possession
that has eaten away at his soul.

His moral compass is broken;
His soul lacks compassion;
His spirit yearns for freedom,
and his body lives for action.

Yet, God seeks to calibrate man’s soul
to rescue him from pain,
to cleanse his spirit of hate
so he can learn to love again.

Justice is not the answer
to cure the soul of hate,
LOVE is the only anecdote
that exists in ALL that God creates.

Call upon our Heavenly Creator
to erase away the stain,
left behind by man’s hate
to heal your heart from pain.

Within the Divine Laws
of our Heavenly Universe,
on Earth it shall always be,
protected by the Powers of God
is what Justice means to me!

©  2014 Sy’needa Penland

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