Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stop the Violence, and Let's not Forget When it all Began!!

Racism in America
© 2014  Syneeda Penland

As I stand on the side 
of righteousness,
'Truth' bears no shame.

Manufactured from copper, 
lead and other raw materials;
a stray bullet bears my name.

I've been written 
in America’s history books,
bearing the names: “Nigger,
coon, darky and slave.”

For centuries,
I’ve been treated less than dirt,
forever praying to “their” God
for my soul to be saved.

My skin color is darker than clay. 
My origins come from 
the deepest soil of Mother Earth.

Some say,
I deserve to be mistreated,
that my soul was cursed 
upon my birth.

I arrived from the sacred land
known as the “Cradle of Life.”
I was kidnapped, shackled,
and forced into slavery,
to live in a “New World” 
that suffers in strife.

Who is owned by many corporations,
proclaims to be a self-righteousness nation.
Yet she is governed by thugs on Capitol Hill,
and is defended by bullies who thirst to rape and kill.

Racism in America…
Will it ever end?
Will God have mercy 
on her soul?
Or will she continue 
to suffer in sin?

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