Monday, April 6, 2015

Remembering a Legacy...

The Road Ahead
(Dedicated to the legacy of Dr. King)

I will keep my eyes on the prize
as songs of freedom
ring through the heavenly skies,
hopes of better days gone by;
a new generation we will seed and multiply.
It was my hopes and dreams
that Freedom will one day bring
New beginnings days of old gone by,
as I illuminate your Spirits
from the heavenly sky.

Don’t be afraid to dream,
to see the road ahead,
to walk this path of freedom
is nothing to dread.

Let go of the shackles
and hold your head high;
look beyond the masses
and raise your head to the sky.

Dare you to dream,
to think on your own,
allow your mind to soar to new heights;
no longer will it roam.

For I had a dream
that one day we will unite,
and allow our eyes to see beyond the flesh…
Yet the spirit takes flight.

When the soul is hollow
it’s just an empty shell,
joining misery in its company
to enjoy a life in hell;
from the highest mountain top
my Spirit will always dwell.

© 2014 Sy’needa Penland

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