Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stop the Violence, and Let's not Forget When it all Began!!

Racism in America
© 2014  Syneeda Penland

As I stand on the side 
of righteousness,
'Truth' bears no shame.

Manufactured from copper, 
lead and other raw materials;
a stray bullet bears my name.

I've been written 
in America’s history books,
bearing the names: “Nigger,
coon, darky and slave.”

For centuries,
I’ve been treated less than dirt,
forever praying to “their” God
for my soul to be saved.

My skin color is darker than clay. 
My origins come from 
the deepest soil of Mother Earth.

Some say,
I deserve to be mistreated,
that my soul was cursed 
upon my birth.

I arrived from the sacred land
known as the “Cradle of Life.”
I was kidnapped, shackled,
and forced into slavery,
to live in a “New World” 
that suffers in strife.

Who is owned by many corporations,
proclaims to be a self-righteousness nation.
Yet she is governed by thugs on Capitol Hill,
and is defended by bullies who thirst to rape and kill.

Racism in America…
Will it ever end?
Will God have mercy 
on her soul?
Or will she continue 
to suffer in sin?

Friday, April 17, 2015

My friend died in a police van. That could have been me - if I were black

The guardian reports -- "My friend Hanuman was cremated two weeks ago, his ashes now sit in a wooden box on his parent’s alter. The cause of his death is still being investigated, but we know he died shackled to a bench in the back of a prison van. He was 21 years old. Hanuman’s experience with the criminal justice system and ultimately his death, could easily have been my fate, were it not for the color of my skin.
Eight years ago, I was arrested for stealing prescription pills from houses in my neighborhood. I was charged with numerous felonies and subsequently plead guilty to four burglaries and two attempted burglaries. My total points, under Florida’s Criminal Punishment Code, came to 203. That meant that the minimum amount of time I was supposed to serve was 10.9 years of prison.
Incredibly, though, I was only sentenced to one year in county jail, two years probation and mandated drug treatment. Not a single day of prison time.
Hanuman also had issues with drugs and was charged with several burglaries. Under the Criminal Punishment Code, he accrued 115 points. Even if a previous charge, for which he had not yet been sentenced, had been factored into his score sheet, his points would total 129. That’s still 88 less than I had. Hanuman was not shown the same judicial leniency I was; he was sentenced to six years in prison.
He was black...."
Full article:
After reading this article, I felt compelled to share because it hits too close to home.  I've had my own run in with the military's "in-justice" system and I'm thankful to be alive, unfortunately, my best friend Major Gloria Davis is not alive to tell us what really happened during her grueling interrogation which took place hours before her alleged "suicide."  
Be it police brutality or military injustice, I pray for a complete overhaul of our criminal justice systems, because its long overdue!! 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid

“Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion, so I’m hitting the road to earn your vote, because it’s your time and I hope you will join me on this journey.”

My thoughts….

That’s a huge commitment, “Being my champion!” 

As a former Navy Supply Corps officer and military whistleblower, and victim of military Civil and Human rights violations, unless Hillary is committed to improving the Military’s Justice System, it will take more heart for her to earn my vote!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Thought for the day...

What Does Justice Mean to Me?

Is it freedom?
Is it equality?
Is it liberation of my soul?

Is it non-conformity?
Is it bondage?
Is it escaping the wrath of being sold?

Captivity of the mind
is worse than being shackled in chains;
tormented by lucid thoughts of freedom
seduces the chemistry in my brain.

When forced to accept lies
after witnessing the truth,
barely escaping this spiritual warfare
what else is the soul to do?

Justice is not a favored ruling
in man’s courts of law.
Within each layer of his judicial system
lies disobedience of the Divine Law.

Guided by his evil thoughts,
carried out by his deceptive actions;
believing that his way is the only way,
thus suppressing the spirit from reacting.

His passion is fueled by greed,
hate, power and control;
submitting to his demonic possession
that has eaten away at his soul.

His moral compass is broken;
His soul lacks compassion;
His spirit yearns for freedom,
and his body lives for action.

Yet, God seeks to calibrate man’s soul
to rescue him from pain,
to cleanse his spirit of hate
so he can learn to love again.

Justice is not the answer
to cure the soul of hate,
LOVE is the only anecdote
that exists in ALL that God creates.

Call upon our Heavenly Creator
to erase away the stain,
left behind by man’s hate
to heal your heart from pain.

Within the Divine Laws
of our Heavenly Universe,
on Earth it shall always be,
protected by the Powers of God
is what Justice means to me!

©  2014 Sy’needa Penland

Monday, April 6, 2015

Thought for the day...

Remembering a Legacy...

The Road Ahead
(Dedicated to the legacy of Dr. King)

I will keep my eyes on the prize
as songs of freedom
ring through the heavenly skies,
hopes of better days gone by;
a new generation we will seed and multiply.
It was my hopes and dreams
that Freedom will one day bring
New beginnings days of old gone by,
as I illuminate your Spirits
from the heavenly sky.

Don’t be afraid to dream,
to see the road ahead,
to walk this path of freedom
is nothing to dread.

Let go of the shackles
and hold your head high;
look beyond the masses
and raise your head to the sky.

Dare you to dream,
to think on your own,
allow your mind to soar to new heights;
no longer will it roam.

For I had a dream
that one day we will unite,
and allow our eyes to see beyond the flesh…
Yet the spirit takes flight.

When the soul is hollow
it’s just an empty shell,
joining misery in its company
to enjoy a life in hell;
from the highest mountain top
my Spirit will always dwell.

© 2014 Sy’needa Penland

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Remembering Maya Angelou's Legacy, Happy 87th Birthday...

Forever Maya
(Dedicated to the life time achievement of Maya Angelou)

There was something about your voice…
There was something about your smile…
There was something about your grace…
There was something about your style…
There was something about your beauty…

As if your soul had channeled through the
the deepest deltas of the Nile.

Your words roared with faith,
Your heart gave with passion,
Your memory is etched in stone,
Your teachings are every lasting.

Your words sang songs of freedom,
Like a cadence guiding us along the way.
You guided our paths like an Angel,
Never leading us astray.

As your legacy lives on Forever,
We now know why the caged bird sings.
Hope is what you taught us,

Let Freedom Sing,
Let Freedom Sing,
Let Freedom Sing
 ©  2015 Syneeda Penland