Wednesday, March 4, 2015

As we continue the celebration of Women in Black history, I wrote this poem as a dedication to the legacy and teachings of Dr. Maya Angelou. May you continue to mentor me from Heaven.

Forever Maya
(dedicated to the life time achievement of Maya Angelou)

There was something about your voice…
There was something about your smile…
There was something about your grace…
There was something about your style…
There was something about your beauty,
As if your soul had channeled from the
the deepest deltas of the Nile.

Your words roared with faith,
Your heart gave with compassion,
Your memory is etched in stone,
Your teachings are everlasting.

Your words sang songs of freedom,
Like a cadence leading the way.
You guided our paths like an Angel,
Never leading us astray.

As your legacy lives on Forever,
We now know why the caged bird(s) sings.
Hope is what you taught us, to 
    Let Freedom Sing.... 
Freedom Sing....
Freedom Sing....

©  2015 Syneeda Penland 


Anonymous said...

Syneeda, this is absolutely amazing and you've truly captured Maya's spiritual essence.

Syneeda said...

As words danced in candance across her lips, the essence of her spirit danced in song, her esoteric teachings taught us all to get along. Yet, like Kings, she will continue to watch over us from above, to forever guide our heart's center towards the healing light of Universal love.