Sunday, January 11, 2015

I love to share my beautiful poetry. A gift treasured is a gift shared!!!

I am Water

For I am Fire to your burning Soul,
I am the Air to your last breath.
I Am the Earth of your Mother’s womb,
I lie awake in our Father’s tomb.

I can move mountains with my tides,
Each time the swells of my oceans rise.
I provide nourishment throughout the seas,
Even the trees in the driest deserts
Spread their roots to me.

I help to balance the entire globe,
Starting from the deepest depths of my abode;
Anchoring myself to Mother Earth’s core,
Helping her to cool herself once more.

Forever rocking her soul to sleep,
Healing her wounds, which runs too deep.
Soothing her aching heart from pain,
Relieving her agony yet once again.

The mist of her pain rises above,
I carry them to the surface to spread seeds of love.
Connecting to the breeze of the misty Air,
Her teardrops falls everywhere.

Her Air,
Her Fire,
Her Water,
Her Earth,
Welcomes us all to our rebirth!

© All Rights Reserved 2015 Syneeda Penland  TM

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