Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thoughts for the day...

Liberty and Justice for All

As I hear the triumphs playin
Melodic sounds of jubilee,
The Great Spirit of the Divine ask,
“Why have thou forsaken me?”

I’ve taken all that I can bear,
I can no longer stare
Into the fiery eyes of my children,
Who choose to behave like
Demonic possessions,
And act like you don’t care.

Nearly all of you
Have forgotten your teachins,
Instead, you steady preachin
Untruths of the past.

The time has come at last
For your veils to be lifted,
Anointed are the gifted;
Born with an innate connection
To the Heavenly Divine.

One Soul,
One Body,
One Mind,
Woven within the sacred fabric
of Father Time.

I knew this day would come,
For your Savior is not the Son.
The Holy Spirit has arisen
To save every man,
Woman and child.

As Mother Earth cleanses herself
From the deepest deltas of her Nile,
Her secreted bile- will continue
to preserve humanity- for a while. 

Until I come again,
Temper all your sins.
Love thy Neighbor,
And Sons.

As this year comes to a blessed end.
Know that Mother GOD’s work
Is never Done!
©  2014  Sy’needa Penland

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