Monday, November 10, 2014

Thought for the day...

          God’s Gonna Tell You Why She Chose You

Close your eyes,
Look up to the sky,
Breathe and feel Mother Earth,
Like you did upon your birth.

When you came into this world
As a little boy or girl,
When you blessed her with your smile
You said, “Thank you Mother,
 I’m gonna stay for a while.”

Now I’m gonna tell you why
Mother God chose me…

"Open your eyes, so you can see,"
Is what the Most High said to me,
That I am a child of the Most High
Who watches over us from the heavenly sky.

Protecting all living beings
On her beloved Mother Earth,
Blessing us with her glory upon our birth.
Heavenly Creator, I give praise to only you
For guiding my spirit in all that I do.

Even during my darkest days,
Yet here on earth is where I wanna stay;
To forever shine my light,
Cause the love you bestow upon the Earth
Is loving and bright.

Mother Earth, your love is the only love
That shines from the heavens above-
That envelopes my soothing heart,
It is forever bonded and nothing can tear us apart.

© 2014  Syneeda Penland

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