Saturday, November 1, 2014

Thought for the day...

Long Walk to Freedom
© 2014 Syneeda Penland

Deep from the Bayous
I guided you.
Though the swamplands,
Toils and snares, I carried you.

Lighting a torch along the way,
Giving you hope of freedom
During your most dreary
And treacherous days.

There was no giving up
Cause freedom was in the air,
You felt it in your Spirit;
The smell of freedom was everywhere.

Only to arrive to 21st century America
Where your descendants
Might as well still be slaves,
Cause they still letting “Massa,”
Aka Corporate CEOs
And sell-out “Niggas”
Tell them how to behave.

I don’t ask to be pardon
For the use of the “N-word,”
For it has always been used
To describe the “Black Herd.”

Especially those that are stuck
On the plantation;
Housed like cattle
Behind iron bars and concrete walls,
Praying to their God “Allah,”
Waiting for the Roman-American Empire to fall.

Then there’s the Jigaboos,
Sambos and Pickaninnies;
The ones who have sold their souls
To the Illuminati, to be rewarded fame
And mere pennies.

They call it “Bank,” back in the hood,
Their payment for helping to keep
The masses in their place,
Where freedom is never understood.

There are very few
Who have managed not to conform,
The keepers of the esoteric wisdom
That the Great Spirit has passed on.

For it is within the heart and soul
Of mankind to know who you are,
Your moral conscience is always guided
By the heart and soul of the North Star.

For it guides our spirit-mind-body and soul,
Connecting the past with the present;
Like in the days of old.  

It is only when mankind seeks truth
Of wanting to know who we are,
Is when the Great Spirit will guide our path
Back to the heart and soul of the North Star. 


Anonymous said...

This piece is very similar to Langston Hughes' work, very impressive!

Syneeda said...

I have a copy of the Collected Poems of Langston Hughes and they were definitely befitting for his time. Yet this inspiration came from one of our great female hero's, Sojourner Truth.

Anonymous said...

Sy, You didn't hold any punches with this one, but someone has to say it. I'm so disappointed and at times embarrassed by the "lower class" African American community and can see why well-educated black professionals have crossed over. I'm not prejudiced or racists but America is in dire need of more positive role models, or else the country is headed for doom. Unfortunately corporate CEO's are not just targeting the black community, they are using sell-out entertainers across all ethnic backgrounds to fill our children's minds with trashy-sexually explicit music and videos. Take Jennifer Lopez and Iggy for instance, Latino trash meets white trash. God Save US!!!