Monday, November 24, 2014

My response to the Ferguson verdict...

Lord, I believe in You
© 2014 All Rights Reserved, Syneeda Penland

I believe in the course of miracles,
I believe the Lord has touched my soul,
Lord, I believe in you.

I believe in a world of peace and love,
I believe in the Heavenly Spirit above,
Lord, I believe in you.

I believe together we can change the world,
I believe we can save the life
Of every young boy and girl,
Lord, I believe in you.

I believe in a world of unity,
I believe in a world of
Peace, love and harmony,
Lord, I believe in you.

Together as ONE human race
We can reach the sky;
Spread our wings so we can fly
Like angels in flight - perfect harmony;
Singing songs of peace, love and unity,
Lord, I believe in you.

Together we can believe in love,
Giving praise to all above,
Joining hands with all below,
Peace, love and harmony you will bestow;
Lord, we believe in you.

Food for thought:
You cannot cure evil with the same energy that fuels it.   ONLY LOVE can cure a demonic seed!!!  When you walk away from hate, you are not showing signs of weakness, in fact it’s the complete opposite.  

Imagine a racist person trying to learn how to love someone other than his own kind… It’s almost impossible because he’s been taught to hate since his birth, and even taught it to his children, so on and so forth.  If black men respond the way “they” want you to respond, you are no different than them!!! 

God knew this day would come again, brother joining forces with brother, to kill off the other.  Then will ultimately begin killing his own kind, because his evil is that deep rooted!!! Yet in the end, God always intervenes.  Even their Christian Bible speaks of it.  Be steadfast and this too shall pass!!!

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God answers all prayers!