Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Veteran's Wish

A Veteran’s Wish

As Veterans continue to protect and serve,
We’ve yet to receive all we deserve,
While we raise our hand to salute Old Glory,
You’ve yet to hear all our amazing stories.

As our celebration has come to an end,
We will continue to sacrifice our lives
To protect America’s most sacred land.

Upon her shores
Are her most precious resources;
Her people - her citizens,
Those we serve to protect.

Yet when we return home
It’s with bittersweet regret.
No smiles, no parades,
Only a “latte salute.”
Mr. President, we deserve more
Than what you do. 

As the Commander in Chief
Of the world’s most powerful Nation,
Show more respect and concern for us;
Not by keeping us in action.

Help rehabilitate and heal the
Sick, wounded, poor,
Homeless and weak;
Food, shelter and better policies and protection
From our government, is all that we seek.

We’re not asking to break the bank
Or the Federal Reserve,
Just give us what we rightly deserve.
A proper “hand salute,”
And a special thanks!
© 2014 Syneeda Penland

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