Monday, September 8, 2014

A tragic truth about the history of slavery, courtesy of the Ancestral Essence community

“I recognise the Sun in the sky, but this a different world. I cannot hear the whispering of the trees, I do not understand the language the land is speaking. The water is not at peace, it tastes of anger and confusion. The air is filled with death, absolute fear and organised violence. The fact I survived I thank my Ancestors. 

Not everyone made it; I still hear the screams inside my mind. When I close my eyes, I see death, human mess and people descending into madness. I had to disconnect from my feelings to survive in my own head. No one is the same after you witness the suffering and pain, you start to realise when a man or woman is taken, that they probably will not be returned back.

I do not understand what the group of thieves are saying; I look at their expressions on their faces. They make sounds; I check their gestures to avoid the violence. I understand the universal language of fear. This is not the place that you look for someone`s better nature. This is an organised operation, they are trying to break our will to fight, I am a warrior, and I choose my battles and await my chance.

I am a prisoner of war. I have been stolen from my homeland. I am the property of no one; they chain me to restrain me. Our village was not prepared, we were outnumbered, and we had no disagreement with them. Our nature is not to start a battle without any reason. We are a tribe; we describe what we see in our own language. We are a kingdom of hundreds, not thousands we had to face in war. When I spoke to others on the journey, I realised our lands was conquered one tribe at a time. 

As I stand on the raised platform, I hear men with skin of many colours making patterns of different sounds. I hear people raise their voice and bidding in different languages, then the people are pulled by chains away. It is clear we are being sold, what the future holds, I do not know. I will try to escape at every opportunity. I will do what I need to do to be free, however I am not sure who is my enemy, I know those that brought me here are not the real masters. 

Everyone can see in my eyes I will run if you take off these chains. I have no way to communicate with these new people. They keep making this same sound and then looking at me to respond, with time I understand that this is the name they are going to call me. 

It is all about the pain that is used to persuade me to do whatever they say. I began to learn their language for my survival. There are not many of us here; they are watching our ways and trying to understand us. I feel like an animal that is being studied for ways to break me. 

My intelligence is not required in this place; they measure our intelligence by how well we speak their language. Where I come from it is based on the individuals understanding. We measure the control over your emotions, the wisdom you can raise from deep within our minds and the understanding we have of the energies that created our environment. 

I am forced to mate with women I do not have feelings for. It is the strongest male matched to the strongest women. They want our children to be more productive. They have given up on totally breaking us, we have seen too much, we will never trust them, the future generations they will have from birth to mold and accept they are slaves.

I have come to understand that the sound by which they call my Christian name. It comes from a book that tells story of a man who died to save the world as we have sinned by having relations with before marriage. They speak of a God that loves us all, that sees everything and if you are good you can live in his house in Heaven. If we do not follow his ways we will be punished in hell forever. This God is a vengeful god as well as merciful god to those who follow his laws. The book is the word of this God. 

As captives our traditions are now deemed of this devil we have not heard of. We as well as our children are punished from practicing our ways. They want our children to become Christian and lose the connection to us and our Ancestors ways. 

I have received many beatings to encourage me to change my ways, however no one can convince me, this God loves us in slavery. He seems to reserve his mercy for the ones who holds us captive. No matter how evil they are this God does not punished them. 

As regards to he who died to save the world, I wish he was travelling on the boat that brought us. I wished he could have saved the Ill and pregnant women as they were thrown into the sea. When it comes down to slaves, it seems this God and Jesus lets everyone have their way. I still do not understand why no women energies are mentioned. 

When it comes to heaven and hell its sounds like life on the plantation, where the more you are obedient to slave master the closer you are to the comforts of his heavenly house and further away from the hell hole in the ground.

The land owner is the lord we worship and he sees everything we are doing badly; we are regarded as evil and of the devil when we speak against him. The better you work as a slave, follow the rules, watch what you say, the better are your chances of getting into heaven on the plantation. 

If you challenge the lord of the land, the hole in the ground will be your destination, this sounds like hell to me according to that story. 

I fear for my descendent as they will have wiped out all traces of me. Our children will not know our cultures or our languages. They will be telling stories of people in the bible and not those from our village. We had no one in our village called John or Matthew. 

The connection to their Ancestors will be lost with all their understandings. They will believe Jesus is their saviour forgetting how their Ancestors were slaughtered. 

How they could be born in sin when we were forced to do this by those who introduced the religion, they have taught this type of belief to the children as a mental insurance. 

This religion puts your focus in man, whilst those from our land have a relationship with women and nature. The slave master chose this religion as it suited their purpose. 

They now have established themselves as the lords on their plantations; they can foster the love from within many of their slaves and make them willing to report on those who are non-Christians. 

Author Unknown

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