Thursday, July 17, 2014

Los Angeles Daily News reports, “First Lady Michelle Obama to spend day 2 of Los Angeles visit speaking about veterans, education”...

It appears that Michelle Obama is continuing her "usual" campaign, showing her support for military veterans. Too bad she's not willing to tackle the bigger issue veterans are facing with regards to the VA Medical system, "YIKES"!!! If you are into history like I am, you can obviously see how history is repeating itself. The way our veterans are being mistreated, under-appreciated, and outright deceived is similar to the Vietnam Era. However, I do applaud her efforts in wanting to discuss the economic concerns of our veterans.
For over a decade ( or longer) its become more apparent that America is not producing enough jobs to keep the average population employed at a decent enough wage. As prices continue to rise, our country will continue to face a larger economic gap; most journalists are describing it as "class warfare", which is similar to foreign cultures who live by a "class" system. But what determines which "class" a person should be placed in?, "Bloodline, wealth, education, occupation, or in my spiritual belief, the amount of love and compassion you have for others?!" In the end, the later always prevail!
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