Monday, January 27, 2014

Army General Scolded For Email Joking About Masturbating To 'Smoking Hot' Congresswoman

Business Insider reports -- Army Brigadier General Martin P. Schweitzer received a "memoranda of concern" following a lurid set of emails between him and another general, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post

Schweitzer was briefing Brigadier Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair on a recent meeting he had with tea party Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.) in 2011. 

“First — she is smoking hot,” Schweit­zer wrote. “Second — briefing went well ... she was engaging ... had done her homework. She wants us to know she stands with us and will work/push to get the Fort Bragg family resourced.

That, and what came next, led prosecutors to turn over the e-mail chain to the Army inspector general for a full investigation.

He sucks :-) still needs to confirm hotness,” Sinclair teased in a reply.

More than an hour later, Schweitzer responded with an apology for the delay, saying he had masturbated “3 times over the past 2 hours” after the meeting with the congresswoman.

Schweitzer, then a colonel and the deputy commander for operations for the 82nd Airborne Division, was nabbed in part because of Sinclair.

Sinclair's alleged misdeeds are nothing short of prolific, and investigators were rightfully combing through his email when they found the less-than-professional exchange with Schweitzer.

Adam Weinstein of Gawker notes that as the current deputy director for regional operations, J-3, Joint Staff, Washington, D.C., Schweitzer "serves in the Pentagon's inner circle of decision-makers."

He also notes accurately that the memorandum was essentially a wrist slap.
Of the wristslap, Ellmers took the high road, telling the Post, “I am pleased with the corrective actions that are taking place and how they handled this very difficult situation."

“My comments were a terrible attempt at humor. I didn’t mean them literally or figuratively, I simply meant them to try and be funny during a very tense period within the command to a limited audience. I know they were not appropriate. It was stupid.”

Food for thought:  Hopefully the Senate will begin to take our complaints more seriously, when it comes to sexual discrimination, abuse and assault in the military!

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Anonymous said...

Once again, the military's top brass gets away with degradation and harassment against women. This time one of their top brass openly brags to his buddies about having sexual intercourse (masturbating) with a United States Congressional Representative. The General should be courts martialed!! End of conversation!

The Senate should make an example of him. This will send a message to the rest of those good ole boys to end their bullying, rape, harassment and assault against our young men and women in the armed forces.

All they want is equality, the opportunity to work in America by serving our country in the armed forces and to be provided a safe working environment free of discrimination and sexual harassment. This is what the Secretary of Labor promises to those who choose to work in the public sector.

It is well understood that the military is a hazardous job, but if our military is being used to protect citizens and defend borders in 3rd world countries at the expense of American taxpayers (but for capital gains of major corporations), then they should be held accountable to protect their our young children in uniform.

Next month Senator Reid is considering showing his support for the Military's Justice Improvement Act. I say, if the old fart fails to show his support by refusing to deny our veterans due justice and equal protection, President Obama should own up to his promise to America last night and exercise his executive powers, with or without Congressional approval. That is what a real Commander in Chief will do, make an executive decision for the safety and welfare of his troops.

Syneeda, take a look at this…