Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thought for the day...

Man’s Purpose
© 2013  Syneeda Penland

“Am I my brother’s keeper”,
Said the bloodthirst Grim Reaper,
While roaming the belly of Ole’ Hollow Earth,
The cradle of life, man’s origin,
his place of birth.

His original seed was planted
Deep inside Mother’s Earth tomb,
Nurtured for thousands of centuries
As he quietly slept inside his mother’s womb.

Alone in the darkness,
Afraid to be delivered into the light,
Afraid to look upon the face of God’s Glory,
Mother Earth”, at the early break of light.

Afraid to see the reflection of himself,
His self-destructive past;
Afraid to accept the notion
That his was not the first,
But soon will be the last.

Afraid that he’ll forget his “true purpose”,
Which is to watch over Father’s Glory,
His beloved “Mother Earth”, which is why
Mankind falsely invents his own story.

Centuries ago, man was selected
To accomplish but one simple task,
The challenges of his duties
Father thought was not too much to ask.

Father commanded man,
“To watch over his wife,
His beloved Mother Earth,
And all of her creations."
For his labors,
Man was to be rewarded
Abundant seeds of the earth,
Many sons and daughters,
To become kings and queens
Of many powerful nations.

To accomplish such a deed,
Man was given a holy staff, a scepter;
Within its rod,
Exists the “True Power of God”.

Fooled once before by his traitor, Satan,
God knew man was not yet able
To accomplish such a task,
So goes the story of Cain and Able.

Unable to tame the wild beast within,
Lies the misery of man’s sins,
His over indulges in greed and hate
Will ultimately destroy everything man creates.

Upon completion of Father God
Most treasured creation,
He wept tears of joy,
The infinite love for his wife
Mankind has always tried to destroy.

Father enveloped his beloved Earth in water,
Wept from the Heavens above,
To one day cure man of his greed and hate
And soothe his soul with love.

The lustful passion to protect his wife
Will either baptize man
in the name of the Holy Spirit,
Or slice through his heart like a knife.

Fully engulfing the flames of hate
From the depths of her ferocious waves,
Mother Earth will bury man from whence he came,
Sending him to an early grave.

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