Monday, November 4, 2013

Republican Paul Ryan Protects Rapists’ Rights in New Fetus Bill

Paul Ryan, NOT for PRESIDENT!

Certain politicians need to stick to what they are good at, in Ryan’s case, counting beans!!  As a women’s rights advocate and human rights advocate, I will NEVER take the stance for protecting the criminal acts of a rapist!  And neither will over 30,000 (plus) survived victims of military rape and sexual assault!!  It deeply saddens me to learn that Ryan has chosen to take such a stance. reports, “You know who doesn’t have enough rights in this country?  You guessed it, rapist.  Thank goodness House Republicans are here to look after these put-upon American citizens. 

As much of the nation focuses on the Steubenville gang rape story, your failed Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan (R-WI) was busy protecting rapists’ rights.  Buried deep in the latest Fetus Rights Bill (aka, Sanctity of Human Life Act, H.R.23:  To provide that human life shall deemed to begin with fertilization), wherein feti are given more rights than the women carrying them, is a section that will allow a rapist to sue his victim in order to stop her from getting an abortion, specifically if she were trying to get an abortion in a state that allows them while she lives in a state that does not.

Section 2(2) states, “The Congress affirms that the Congress, each State, the District of Columbia, and all United States territories have the authority to protect the lives of all human beings residing in its respective jurisdictions.”

Kevin Drum of Mother Jones summed up the impact of this intentionally vague subsection, “In fact, if this bill were passed and the Supreme Court upheld it, I’ll bet that a rapist could go to court and sue to prevent his victim from getting an abortion. He’d argue that the fetus was legally a human being, and the court has no power to discriminate between one human being and another. He’d probably win, too.”

Yes, the rapist can sue to stop the abortion caused by the rape he perpetrated upon an unwilling female. Laura Beck at Jezebel points out, “Her rapist could theoretically sue to stop the abortion from happening, and probably win.”

This explains why Ryan was so busy listening to his iPod during the fiscal cliff negotiations. He has only introduced two bills that have passed over his entire 13 year career, one dealing with an excise tax for arrows and the other renaming a post office. His only other purpose in Congress is to keep reintroducing the Fetus Rights bill in order to avoid doing the math on his budget. Ryan started off the 113th congress with a bang by introducing his bill yet again.

It’s great that rapists have a voice in D.C., because what they crave the most is more power and control over their victims – and what better way to achieve that than to reward a rapist with the power to force his victim to carry his fetus to term. Representative Ryan has managed to incentivize rape.

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