Monday, November 11, 2013

For all the young children who are coping with the struggles of identifying with your sexual (gender) orientation, this poem is dedicated to you.

Let this be my freedom
© 2013  Syneeda Penland

Let's this be my freedom,
The way I wear my hair,
Don't care if they stop and stare,
Let's this be my freedom;

The way I wear my clothes,
Whether they're knock-offs,
Designer ware or bought
From a second-hand store,
Let's this be my freedom;

The way I pronounce my words,
Whether I speak Ebonics,
Broken English or choose
To use run on verbs,
Let this be my freedom;

The way I act in school,
Whether I'm popular,
Stuck up, or shy,
Or chose to break all the rules,
Let this be my freedom;

Whether I’m a boy, a girl, or both,
Whether my skin color is
Black, brown, red, yellow or white,
Who I am, how I chose to behave,
Is MY GOD’s way of saying "It's All Right!"

So, Let this be my freedom!

Food for thought:  A few weeks ago I shared this poem to show my support for my niece, who's 15 years old and has already identified with her sexual orientation; her attraction to other females.  Yesterday I learned that one of her older brother's is transexual.   Had it not been for the documentary, "The Christine Jorgensen Story", I might not fully understand what my young nephew is experiencing. 

As a human rights advocate, I fully support, "Freedom of the mind and equality of the heart", especially when it comes to healing the mind, body and spirit of our young children. 

For decades we have seen how the suppression of equal rights have torn our country apart and subdivided us into subcultures, thus creating what has been labeled as the "gay" (happy) community. The human race is steadily evolving into a new age of heightened awareness and enlightenment which is affecting our senses, our deeper emotions. God is finally connecting us to our souls.

Everyone has feelings, know that your hateful words (whether written or said) are painful to the eyes and ears (senses) of others, especially our children.  We are all unique human beings in our own special way, God created us this way.  So stop trying to impress your views, your lifestyle (sexual or not), most of all your HATE, upon someone else.

Stop for a minute and listen to the thoughts (feelings) of the other person, you might just learn that they were "born that way"!

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