Monday, October 28, 2013

Thought for the day...

This poem was inspired by my young niece, she's 15 and chooses to embrace her sexual orientation.  Two years ago she confessed her attraction to other girls and I've been her advocate and supporter since.  As her aunt it is my duty and responsibility to love and protect her, no matter what.  It was a tough pill to swallow at first, but after extensive research on teenage sexual orientation and advocating for gay veterans, I say, "Live life, be happy and when the time comes, always practice safe sex!"

Let this be my freedom
© 2013  Syneeda Penland

Let's this be my freedom,
the way I wear my hair,
don't care if they stop and stare;

Let's this be my freedom,
the way I wear my clothes,
don’t care if they're knock-offs or
bought from designer stores;

Let's this be my freedom,
the way I pronounce my words,
whether I choose to speak Ebonics
or use run on verbs;

Let this be my freedom,
the way I act in school,
whether I'm popular, stuck up
or chose to break all the rules;

Let this be my freedom,
whether my skin color is
black, brown, red, yellow or white,
Who I am, how I chose to behave,
is MY GOD’s way of saying "It's All Right!"
So, Let this be my freedom!

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