Monday, October 28, 2013

Ending Retaliation Against Victims of Sexual Assault in the Military

Human Rights Watch (HRW) is seeking individuals with first-hand experience as part of an in-depth investigation into retaliation against sexual assault survivors in the US military. HRW plans to publish a report on its findings with the goal of improving military response to retaliation complaints and wrongful discharges.

As part of our investigation, we are interested in speaking with:

• Survivors who have experienced reprisals in any form after Military Sexual Trauma (including retaliation through discharge for mental health reasons such as personality disorder or adjustment disorder, harassment by peers or supervisors, non-judicial punishments, negative evaluation reports or demotions, collateral charges, etc.), and

• Survivors who have attempted—successfully or not—to report retaliation or remedy their discharge (such as through Boards of Correction of Military Records or Discharge Review Boards or Inspectors General).

We will not publish the names of survivors unless otherwise requested. We take our commitment to respecting confidentiality very seriously, as our work depends on earning and keeping the trust of those who share their stories with us. If you are willing to share your personal account, please send us a private message. 

Human Rights Watch does not provide payment, legal services or advice, or any other benefits to its sources, nor does it accept funds from any government. Communications are not protected by an attorney-client privilege.

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