Monday, August 5, 2013

Oprah Winfrey shows her support for the natural "Afro"

© Syneeda Penland 2011

I saw a Sistah at a restaurant the other day,
She was wearing an Afro; an Angela Davis,
Foxy Brown - 1970’s, looking Afro,
This Sistah certainly knew how to wear her Afro;

It was all picked out, full and thick,
And was a little rough around the edges,
Her hair and all its sheen
Truly defined her blackness;

It was exotic,
It was sexy,
It was beautiful,
It was strong,
It was powerful!

This Sistah exuded just the right attitude
To wear her Afro.  She was casually well-dressed,
Barely wearing any make-up; just a little eyeliner,
Mascara and lipstick, that’s it.

Her flawless beauty was so radiant,
I was captivated by the
Essence of Her Black Beauty;

It was mature- not aged,
Strong- yet feminine,
Warm, intelligent and compassionate;
Like Mother Earth.

Food for thought:
I'm going to have to edit my poem to add Oprah's name to it, Oprah's Afro is absolutely beautiful!  I'm proud that I started wearing my hair "natural" a few years ago.  With the help of Oprah promoting our natural hair, I'm going to start wearing my Afro more often.  Thanks Oprah!


Anonymous said...

A Black woman is a Black man's Glory, and a Black woman's Hair is her Glory!

Anonymous said...

Syneeda, This is such a profound poem, too bad Black women don't realize the beauty of their "natural" beauty. Whether Oprah or Michelle Obama tries to teach them that, they are too superficial to realize their true "net worth", which is one of the primary reasons Black men are now seeking "other", other men and other races!