Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thank you MAJ Glenn MacDonald, Editor in Chief of for your book review


By Syneeda Penland
(privately printed by the author)
We've never reviewed a poetry book before, but this outstanding volume cries out to be read.

First of all, we have long admired former Navy Lt. Commander Syneeda Penland for her fortitude and determination to survive being the only female Naval officer ever jailed for "adultery," but also her unique talent as a poetess.

If you read the mainstream media obits of so-called famous contemporary poets, they will cite several lines that any five year-old could scribble.

Penland, however, is of the old school, where meter and rhyme matter. Her gift is such that - with the proper exposure of her unique poetry writing - her name could be up there someday with such greats as the famed Maya Angelou.

Check ESSENCE out. It's a four-star book. 


Anonymous said...

Syyneeda, I've known Major MacDonald for over 20 years and he's always been an admirer of poetry and has written a few of his own. For him to stray off the beaten path of exposing military corruption to read a copy of your poetry book, I'm sure was therapeutic to his soul; considering you gave your book a 4-star review. Glenn is a journalist with the upmost integrity whom I hold in the highest regard. I'm sure your poetry and your story will one day help to change the minds and hearts of people throughout the world. Therefore I give you a 5-star for your courage and willingness to speak out for what is right. Keep up the good work kiddo and best of luck!

Syneeda said...

Anon, Yes, Major MacDonald gave my poetry book a 4-star review and thank you for your kind words.