Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Army investigation awards benefits to rape accuser

(WSMV) Channel 4 reports -- A female soldier in the Tennessee National Guard has been awarded benefits following a military investigation into whether she experienced injuries after she claimed she was raped by a male soldier.

A Middle Tennessee town with a history of problem police chiefs is facing yet another controversy, this time involving its new police chief.

The chief is the subject of an active military investigation after he was accused of raping a fellow soldier.

The male soldier, Paul McCallister, is now the police chief of the town of Burns.

A line of duty investigation, that determined only whether the female soldier was harmed in the line of duty, reads that she will be awarded benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder secondary to sexual assault.

The line of duty investigation does not determine guilt, and McCallister has not been charged and faces no criminal investigation.

The female soldier asked the Channel 4 I-Team not to identify her.

"I'm praying hard for karma here. I'm really hoping karma pulls through on this one," the female soldier said.

The family of the female soldier has also been told that there is now an additional AR 15-6 Army investigation underway into the accusations surrounding McCallister.

McCallister told the Channel 4 I-Team in February he was innocent.

"All the allegations are false, and that's all I have to say," McCalliser said in February.

The determination by the Army in the line of duty investigation put the town of Burns in a difficult situation.

Food for thought:  In my previous blog posts I've shown my support for San Diego’s Mayor, Bob Filner for his courage in openly admitting that he has a behavior problem and his willingness to seek intensive mental health therapy.  Unfortunately, because of cases like this one, a number of military sexual trauma victims have launched an attack on social media sites against the Mayor, calling for his resignation.  In my view, sexual harassment is a civil rights violations and rape goes far beyond that, it's a human rights violations which leaves the victim mentally and emotionally scarred for life!  Especially if the rapist goes unprosecuted.

How can a town allow a senior law enforcement officer to remain in position where he is charged with upholding and enforcing the law, when there’s evidence that reveals he may have raped a fellow soldier?  I’m not sure of the culture of this small town, but I pray that the mothers and fathers band together and call for his resignation!

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