Monday, June 24, 2013

Thought for the day, excerpts from my new poetry book….

“Black Pearls of Wisdom”
Syneeda Penland © 2013

--  To be played the fool is to be played by a fool, only the fool will win in the end; child’s play is his mastery and the ultimate win is his defeat.   

--   When one’s heart is broken, he will seek to mend it anyway he can; be careful when you allow your heart to be broken, you may not like the bond you’ve created in the end.

--  Misery is the root of loneliness; live, love and be happy. You don’t want to become the companion of misery.  

--  When a child ventures on a quest to seek truth, be weary of your guidance, for a child’s mind is closer to his soul.  

--  Don’t be afraid to challenge the arrogance of man, once you’ve successfully challenged his ego is when you’ve found a new friend.

--  Culture is a seed rooted from the land; it can always be uprooted and introduced to new soil.

--  With each word and syllables that are spoken, the vibrations of our thoughts will become instrumental melodies played to the universe.  

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Anonymous said...

You are an amazing poet and I was truly inspired by your first poetry book, "Essence of Black Beauty". You deserve to be added to the list of legacies in your poem, "Our Legacy". Keep up the good work, your are definitely an inspiration to our young black women.