Monday, June 3, 2013

Rampant Sexism at the U.S. Military Academy

PHOTO: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told cadets at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point Saturday, May 25, 2013 that they must stamp out the scourge of sexual assault in the military. reports “Rugby Team Disbanded At West Point In Latest Sex-Related Incident Rapped for “Culture of Disrespect Towards Women” - Bad Example Set By Out-Going Superintendent David Huntoon “Perfumed Prince” Alleged To Have Affair With High-Ranking Civilian Female At USMA – At Least One Charge Against Odious Flag Officer “Substantiated”

"First, it was a staff NCO who secretly videotaped naked female cadets taking a shower. Now, its the U.S. Military Academy's rugby team, which has been disbanded because of a "culture of disrespect towards women."

When will it end?

The latest embarrassment at West Point was revealed in a series of stupid, sophomoric and quite frankly, misogynistic messages "rating" certain female cadets for their sexual attractiveness, or lack of same.

The triple-x rated missives disparaged some women on the Hudson as "fat bull-dykes" and "disgusting sluts." Lame jokes were made about such topics as rape, incest and homosexuality.

To our knowledge, no male cadets have been kicked out of West Point for participating in the sexist behavior, but a spokesperson confirms that players were punished with 120 hours of marching in dress uniform carrying rifles.

We have learned they also must attend an "intense respect rehabilitation program" in order to graduate. The course includes self-assessments, keeping a reflective journal, and interviews supervised by a mentor.


While many are disgusted West Point superintendent and LT GEN David Huntoon didn't lose a star after at least one allegation of "misconduct" was "substantiated" against him - the AR's are very clear about officers retiring in the last grade they "satisfactorily served in" - at least this odious "perfumed prince" will be finally gone.

The taxpayers will have to shovel out a tidy sum to this career ticket-puncher, who will receive 100% of his base pay, having completed more than 40 years of military "service."

Just what that "service" consisted of, that was any benefit to the American people or U.S. Army, is very much open to question.

Be sure to check out our related stories box below, to see what a checkered career Huntoon has had, especially when the enabler of retired COL Mike "NO COMBAT" Colpo, the "chairBORNE" Ranger, was the commandant at the Army War College.

Bets are being taken to see if Huntoon's extremely arrogant and obnoxious lady friend will continue to strut around West Point showing open contempt for anyone she deems beneath her exalted position.

However, she won't be able to continue to "wear" Huntoon's three stars on her shoulders once he's retired. Perhaps if the incoming "leadership" is serious about eradicating any appearance of evil or favoritism, they might actually do something about one of the reasons morale at USMA is so low."

Food for thought:  As a former military officer and advocate against military workplace abuse, it shames me each time I read stories like this.  Not only does it remind me of the persistent racist and sexist working environments I was expose to throughout my career in the Navy, it gives further credence to the outrageous and barbaric culture that continues to plague our male-dominant military “fraternal society”.

Despite our ability to mentally and physically compete against men; once a women in the military successfully breaks through the proverbial glass ceiling, she will become: targeted, degraded, or even raped or sexually assaulted by her chauvinistic male counterpart.

If she is brave enough to defend herself, she is then labeled as being a: slut, whore, bitch or dyke. And will be left to suffer continuous abuse for the remainder of her career.

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