Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Veterans Denied Help from Senior Ranking Congressional Officials!!

Congressman John Lewis

Just when I thought I had suffered enough rejection when I tirelessly reached out to several senior ranking members of our so-called "elite" Congress; regarding my military fraud, whistleblower and reprisal claim several years ago, this morning I attempted to reach out to Congressman John Lewis' Washington D.C. office on behalf of several active duty military officers I provide advocacy support to; their civil rights and equal employment opportunity rights are being violated.

Needless to say, I got the same "run around" that I received from the office of: Senator Feinstein, Boxer, Isakson, Levin, McCaskill and Grassley. You would think that Our hard earned tax dollars are being put to good use, like taking our veterans complaints seriously; considering Our tax dollars are footing the bill for their salaries.

So what do we get in return: An obviously young staff intern, who seems more like a "switch board" operator.  Tasked to remind us of "Congressional" protocol.  WoW!   And you wonder why the military rape and sexual assault cases have gotten so out of control!

Meanwhile, it would most likely take a "March on Washington" just to get the undivided attention of our paid, "Representatives"!
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