Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Veterans Denied Help from Senior Ranking Congressional Officials!!

Congressman John Lewis

Just when I thought I had suffered enough rejection when I tirelessly reached out to several senior ranking members of our so-called "elite" Congress; regarding my military fraud, whistleblower and reprisal claim several years ago, this morning I attempted to reach out to Congressman John Lewis' Washington D.C. office on behalf of several active duty military officers I provide advocacy support to; their civil rights and equal employment opportunity rights are being violated.

Needless to say, I got the same "run around" that I received from the office of: Senator Feinstein, Boxer, Isakson, Levin, McCaskill and Grassley. You would think that Our hard earned tax dollars are being put to good use, like taking our veterans complaints seriously; considering Our tax dollars are footing the bill for their salaries.

So what do we get in return: An obviously young staff intern, who seems more like a "switch board" operator.  Tasked to remind us of "Congressional" protocol.  WoW!   And you wonder why the military rape and sexual assault cases have gotten so out of control!

Meanwhile, it would most likely take a "March on Washington" just to get the undivided attention of our paid, "Representatives"!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right! Our "representatives" claim to be our representatives, but when you ask for help, all they have is reasons why they can't help and you wonder why they allow themselves to be walked all over. They claim-or at least the staffers claim-that there is nothing that can be done when a federal agency covers-up and refuses to answer the "representatives" inquiry on behalf of the constituent, often a veteran in need of help. The representatives paint a different picture on TV, grilling people who do their best to cover-up for a corrupt organization, but they don't make the same effort for the individual. I've met people who have dealt with congressional representatives, and those representatives have claimed that they were powerless to cause an investigation, or even ask for an investigation into whistleblower disclosures. When you see these representatives on TV, they don't seen to have that same lack of power. So, they are either lying to their constituents, don't really care about their constituents, or you get the staffer kid with all the excuses. It's shameful and terrible that whistleblower concerns can't be heard because corrupt activities cover-up, reprise against the whistleblower, and the whistleblower's representative doesn't care. So what do you call a person who says one thing and does another?

Anonymous said...

That person is called a hypocrite, which seems to be nearly every member of the U.S. Congress.

Anonymous said...

Now let's think about this some more. If these representatives had actually listened to Whistleblowers or victims of sexual assault and rape, years, decades ago, we wouldn't have the so-called crisis that we have today. It's saddening that someone can't contact their representative and count on the representative to actually do something. The representative's staff has to go through some liaison office that typically denies any bad news, and the representative sends a letter to the constituent that says something like: "In response to your inquiry, I have contacted the (agency name) and have enclosed their response. I hope this is of assistance to you and please feel free to contact me in the future if you have any further concerns." The liaison office letter is a pile of crap, failing to address the problem that was raised or alleging that a complete and thorough investigation was conducted and that there is "no merit" to the rape, sexual assault, or Whistleblower matter.
The representative's staff "buys" that line, hook , line, and sinker. Sure, you can turn around, write back to the representative, and get right back in line waiting for another letter from the liaison office that continues to deny that anything happened. The staffers do everything they can to handle it at their level (very few things really make it to the representative), and, let's face it, when the government claims that they conducted an investigation and there is no merit to the rape or sexual assault (because the agency is in cover-up mode), the staffer will automatically believe that our fine government can never tell a lie. Wake up representatives, government agencies will do whatever they have to do to cover themselves. If the GSA scandal, the IRS scandal, the Secret Service scandal, or any other scandal doesn't prove that the government lies, then representatives shouldn't be surprised about anything happening today.

Anonymous said...

The "Truth" to it all, is that our paid Congressional representatives are all intertwined with the government agencies of "LIARS"! You can never trust a politician or religion!