Friday, May 31, 2013

Thought for the day...

You are My Rock
© 2009

You are my rock,
My spiritual inspiration;
To my life, you bring joy and celebration,
You are my rock!

It’s hard to find a friend,
Someone who is loving and kind;
It’s hard to find a friend
Who’s there for you all the time.

It’s hard to find a friend
Who’ll accept you for who you are,
It’s hard to find a friend
To call on and will be there.

Your friendship means the world to me,
When times are bad you’re by my side.
You’ll give me a shoulder to lean on,
A listening ear you’ll provide.

When I’m confused
You’ll give advice to me,
You’re a mentor and a friend;
You’ll never pass judgment,
You’re by my side til’ the end.

I can tell you my secrets,
I can never tell you a lie,
You’ll always keep me honest;
In you I can always confide.

I can count on you
Forever til’ the end,
There’s no better blessing
Than to have you as a friend,
You are my rock!

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