Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This poem is dedicated to all the victims who are suffering from fear of your aggressors, Ask God for their forgiveness to free yourself from pain!

          Pain is what I felt
          when I was belittled to nothing less.
          Causing grief and anxiety,
          feelings of hopelessness.

          When I was forced to submit
          to verbal, physical, unremitting sexual abuse.
          Being used and dispose of is inhumane,
          there’s no excuse!

          Escaping from this demon
          on the run to try and hide,
          escaping the insecurities
          of what I felt inside.

          Left emotionally and physically scarred
          from the pain. Years of living in hell, purgatory!
          LORD, please help me,
          release me from these chains!
 ©2009 Syneeda Penland

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