Thursday, May 9, 2013

Food for thought for the upcoming Mother's Day Celebration

A few years ago, my mother suffered a near fatal hemorrhagic stroke, caused by a brain aneurysm.  Like all parents who stresses over their children's personal choices and mistakes that they will eventually make in life, my mother was not exempted from how stress will silently attack the mind and body.  

As we approach Mother's Day weekend, I encourage you to give special thanks to GOD for blessing us with such wonderful Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters and Aunts.  Without their intuitive teachings, we will still be lost in this world!  

This is a poem I wrote about how my Mother's stroke impacted my life.  When I shared it with her, she thanked God for surviving her and blessing her with continuous life.

Dear Mother  © 2010
(Dedicated to my mother Wanda)

I have felt alone like a child
secured within your womb,
ln complete isolation
from the rest of the world,
yearning to be awakened
from my tomb.

Your spirit, your love,
your passion for life
coexists within my soul.
Yet I’ve felt abandoned, alone,
lost in the wilderness
isolated in the cold.

For weeks
my mind could not fathom
what we thought would be the inevitable,
fearing what would become.
My eyes could not bear
seeing you lying there, helpless,
You’re my Heart!
You’re my Soul!
You’re my Mom!

It was painful for me
to leave your bedside,
more painful to let go of your hand.
There was nothing I could do or say
but pray and make amends.

I’ve carried the guilt
of decisions I’ve made,
not adhering to your advice.
Ignoring you at times
with rage and fury,
my disobedience caused strife.

When the news finally reached me,
learning of what you’d succumb;
I was motionless,
my body felt lifeless,
as I shivered,
I felt completely numb.

Years of my existence
began to flash before my eyes,
I got down on my knees to pray,
begging the LORD to save you,
‘Take me instead’, I screamed,
“Let me die!”

I couldn’t imagine taking another breath
without knowing if you’ll be alright.
I couldn’t rid hearing the sound of your sweet voice
or seeing the image of your face,
what a lovely sight!

Arriving to be by your bedside,
I embraced the warmth of your gentle hands.
Suddenly, I felt the spirit of the LORD move me,
I whispered into your ear to tell you His plan.

When I closed my eyes to pray
I held on to your hand real tight,
overcome by His power to heal you,
He assured me you’ll be alright.

Holding on to your hands
in the mist of the storm,
I didn’t want to let it go,
I’d regressed back to a helpless child,
once lost, not knowing which way to go.

It was the LORD’s plan that has guided me,
giving you, Mother, the courage to see it through.
He has a plan for all of us, GOD’s children,
Dear Mother, even you!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.