Friday, May 24, 2013

Dedicated to the memory of a Fallen Soldier, "Gone but Not Forgotten"

She’s My Hero
© 2007

Sitting here numb, in search of the right words to say,
I get down on my knees in prayer,
Asking the LORD,
“Why have you taken my best-friend away?”

Softly he whispers,
“My child, it’s because I needed her this day.”

She blessed so many lives with her caring ways,
She charmed so many hearts with her glowing smile,
She warmed so many souls with her humble spirit,
She was simply adored for her alluring style.

Now is time for her
To be amongst the heavenly angels,
Where she will continue to watch over
The countless lives she’s touched.

The loneliness and emptiness in your heart
Is a constant reminder
That she is missed very much!

Remember my child,
“Always be kind and gentle to everyone you meet,
Show compassion, love and respect for others,
Even someone you casually meet in the street.”

By believing in yourself,
Others will always believe in you.
By respecting yourself,
Others will always respect you.
Live your life unselfishly
And remain true to who you really are.
Just like your best-friend Gloria,
One day you too will become
A bright, Shining Star!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful dedication to the memory of your friend. A special thanks to all veterans, for your service to our country!