Thursday, March 28, 2013

Harrison Ford defends use of n-word in Jackie Robinson biopic ’42′: ‘It’s historically accurate’...

When asked if he thinks audience members from 42 will be offended when they hear the n-word in the film, Ford said, “No. I don’t think they will.”
“Just to hear the word is a powerful emotional reaction from many people… me included. 
If the circumstances that we’re talking about and the character that I play hadn’t worked with Jackie Robinson to change white baseball, the civil rights movement wouldn’t have happened as quickly as it did. So this is about racism, it’s about civil rights.
Food for thought:  In order to change the face of our history, you must first understand our history.   That history is American history! 
Harrison Ford was on point during his interview but blacks in Hollywood are quick to pick out what is negative with something, vice what's positive about it.
No one enjoys hearing the "n-word" and we have come a long way from a dark time in America's history when the n-word loosely crossed white Americans lips.  
Nowadays, the n-word has become a popular slang used by black men as sort of a "label" to prove there connection to the “streets”.   Yet "educated" black men are offended when Hollywood makes an attempt to portray the struggles of blacks leading to the Civil rights movement.  I don’t get it!
Like Harrison said, how can you talk about applesauce without talking about apples?

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