Friday, February 1, 2013

This poem is dedicated to the future of our children!

      You are Somebody
 © 2009 Syneeda Penland 

          Don’t turn your back on someone
          who’s crying out for love,
          we should embrace all GOD’s children
          by giving them a hug!

          Tell him or her, “You are somebody”,
          not to waste their lives in the street.
          Teach them to open up their hearts to GOD,
          yet be weary of those they meet.

          We are all vulnerable to those
          who make false promises by telling lies,
          those who worship false idols
          won’t go to heaven when they die.

          This world we live in is plagued with sex,
          drugs, lies, false idols and deadly diseases.
          Turn your life over to GOD
          He will never forsake you,
          ‘Cause Jesus sacrificed his life
          for both you and me.       

Food for thought: Yesterday the gun violence in our schools hit extremely close to home, there was another school shooting, this time in the city of Atlanta.  This unnecessary gun violence took place as many Americans are still celebrating and honoring the re-election of President Barack Obama and the late Dr. King's 84th birthday.  As a strong supporter of  peace, non-violence and protecting our human rights, I strongly encourage parents to take back control of your children.  Before there are more innocent lives lost as a result of senseless gun violence.  Our kids are not deaf or blind, and they know where guns and weapons are located in your house.  If they are being bullied in school or harassed by someone don't ignore their cry for help!  Help stop the violence, before it's too late!

There are no simple or quick answers to explain this weird epidemic, all I know is God is in control!

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Anonymous said...

Amen to this post Syneeda. Jesus sacrificed his life for us, which doesn't give man the right to take the life of another. In the end, God is watching our every move and judgment day is already upon us!