Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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           Tormented Heart
                ©2011 Syneeda Penland
      Isolated from the rest of the world
          a lost soul, lonely, extremely shy.
          Weightless like a drifting feather
          free to roam and soar the open skies.

          Empty like the pit of a well
          when there’s no rain.
          My soul is hollow,
          once filled with love
          now lies completely dry.

          Pain is the torment in my heart
          revealed from a single glance
          when you look into my dying eyes.

          Still is the moment in time
          when there’s no motion,
          our tender lives passes us by.

          Breathless, to inhale and breathe again
          I ask myself, “To go on living... Should I try?”
          Numb, when there’s no more pain,
          agony or emotion, my body lifeless when I die.

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