Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The sequel to my military memoir

As the cold winter months draws near, I've been pondering my brain for an idea for my first romantic novel.  As promised, I'm in the process of writing a sequel to my personal memoir, "Broken Silence" The Syneeda Penland Story.

My memoir is about sex, seduction, lies and corruption in the U.S. military.  From the beginning to end, I outline what my life was like growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta Ga, in a predominantly white town.  This is where I learned how to "get along" with people of other races. I'm the descendant of African and Native American Creek- Cherokee Indian, yet my family was mis-treated, like all other minorities growing up in the south.

This is why it is necessary I write my sequel, because it discusses how I overcame adversity in the military and what my life has been like, since moving back home to the deep-south.

For the past 2 years, I’ve learned a lot about the buried secrets, all along the coast line of the Lake Lanier Islands, which probably explains weird deaths in that area, if you believe the things you read about in Steven King's novels...

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