Sunday, September 9, 2012

Is the U.S. Military still engaging in "Selective Prosecution"

Col. Stephen E. Spelman, left, a candidate for Hampden district attorney, and Chief Trial Judge Zuhayr Abd Al-Sahib, of the Central Criminal Court of Iraq, attend a presentation ceremony for a new courthouse and administration buildings.

Editor in Chief of Military Corruption, Ret. Major Glenn MacDonald quoted in his latest story...

"As we have said here a number of times in the past 12 years, in the military it is DIFFERENT SPANKS FOR DIFFERENT RANKS. Hammer the enlisted people and NCO's, while the fat cats and brass hats are let off with a "slap-on-the-wrist."

Read the full article here, the complete bio on Col. Spelman, and of course compare it to my story.  And you will see TRUTH to the above statement!

Food For thought:  Why was Col. Spelman not charged with "Conduct unbecoming an Officer", like I was!!??  Oh yeah I forgot, I was facing a 16 year prison sentence and I was told by my military defense attorney; when I requested a deferment of my prison sentence, RADM Leendert R. Hering, (who was the General Courts Martial Convening Authority over my trial) "He wishes that you ROT in jail!"

Now those were extremely harsh words to wish upon someone, anyone, who was never given a FAIR TRAIL!!

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Anonymous said...

What do you mean "still?" The military has been engaged in selective prosecution since the beginning of time --- or at least the beginning of the military. Take, for example, the case of Captain Robert Marin. He was fired for admitted adultery, but received only a slap on the wrist. His career continues, at the expense of the taxpayer, when he has committed what the military claims is a felony. But, it's only a felony, or any kind of violation, if the military takes the same action that they take against others. In Marin's case, he got the slap on the wrist and reported the next day to continue to draw his pay and entitlements!