Thursday, September 27, 2012

ALL things are possible if you trust and believe in God

©2009 Syneeda Penland

Sitting here numb
my thoughts are frozen in time.
Wondering, how did I get here?
Let me rewind.

Retracing my steps,
revisiting each decision I’ve made,
subsequently sitting here pondering;
“For a better life, would I trade?”

The cost of Freedom is priceless
no more conforming to the norm.
My life is now my own
no longer will they bring me harm.

To be a prisoner of an institution
filled with of lies and deceit,
those wearing the uniform of top brass
from our pockets they cheat.

As a proud American
it was an honor to have served,
defending our country,
a Free Nation” is what we deserve.

I did not go along - to get along,
yet I stand behind my conviction,
which is remaining fully committed to the LORD,
his word and his powerful intervention!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yet another thought provoking message in you poem Syneeda. I'm glad that you are now able to share your gift with the world. I'm still looking forward t you sharing "Essence of Black Beauty", that particular one is my favorite, along with your erotic pieces.