Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Prayer for Deliverance

Prayer  for  Peace
©2012 Syneeda Penland

I hear your voices echoing inside my head,
voices from the past,
of my ancestors who’s since long dead.

These strange voices I hear
all day and all night long,
singing a sweet song
of victory, they chant
and praise in song.

The spirits are alive,
they’ve been set free.
No longer will they live in shame,
they’ve been released from misery.

Who are these strange voices
that keep me awake at night?
Their spirit glows inside of me,
their energy is so strong
I can see their light.

Passed on to me in my DNA
are the spirits of my ancestors,
who long ago walked the earth.
I was blessed with
their Strength, their Courage
and their Wisdom
Upon my birth.

For I am
A Queen,
A mighty Warrior,
A Fighter,
A Survivor.
I’m ALL the Above.
When God released me from Heaven,
He also blessed me with ALL HIS LOVE!!

As children of God
We are not to be harmed.
From Heaven, God protects all HIS Children,
When in distress, they signal their alarm.

For centuries God has astutely watched MAN
kill and destroy one another,
Now Man wishes to destroy OUR Mother Earth,
For Christ has also risen, from his “Re-Birth”.

Our days our not numbered,
Father God does not wish to destroy Man.
He wishes for Man to make PEACE with one another
and to preserve HIS precious Land.

Today, I wish for everyone to bow their head and say a special Prayer, 
“Grace be onto thee, for Mother Earth I wish you no harm,
and Father GOD, Please Forgive me!!”

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