Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two of God's Heavenly Angels

Earlier this month God welcomed home one of his heavenly Angels, my young cousin Phillip Todd Sadler. Earlier today God also welcomed home Phillip's younger cousin, Loren Sadler.  I dedicate the following poem to their memory.

Energizing Love
© 2012 Syneeda Penland

You keep my spirit alive
from an external port.
Connected to my heart
you’re my life support.

You energize my soul
when I’m feeling your vibe.
Like the rhythmic movement of a dancer,
so energetic.
So alive!

Your vibe sends pulses through my veins
by stimulating my heart.
Igniting my internal flame
with but one single spark.

This spark of your love potion
has me going through the motions,
causing me to lose complete control.
My mind is going crazy
from the absence of your love,
which has taken its toll.

While searching for the answer
as to why you’re not here,
my pulse fades quickly
‘cause your spirit’s not near.

Leaving me feeling motionless,
Lifeless, my body is numb.
Without the strength of your love
my life will succumb.

I need the ability to survive
independent on my own,
so I want stop living
whenever I’m alone.

Your vibe inspires the strength
I possess deep within my soul,
removing the insecurities
of being alone and growing old.

If I disconnect your chord
will my love for you die?
Can I survive on my own
when I’m left to be alone?
Do I have to, should I try?

Will I still love and respect you
when I’m forced to live without you?
Will I be submissive and supportive
in all that I do?

Only you can provide the answers
to the questions above.
For now, I need you to reenergize my spirit
with the joy of your love.

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