Saturday, August 25, 2012

Malcolm X on racism, politics and propaganda (1964 - 1965)

Why does it seem like Americans is stuck in a time warp.  What's becoming prevalent to so many young Americans, across all color lines, is the very thing Malcolm X spoke of almost 50 years ago.

Americans need to hold each of their Congressional officials accountable for fair and equality across the board, for all government sponsored program.  Programs that will benefit ALL Americans, not the selective.

We are approaching the 2012 elections and there are many social issues that are up for debate.  I ask that you DO YOUR OWN homework on which political candidate to vote for.  Be it your local city officials, court judges, state Congressman and women and Senators even the President.

Your VOTE counts, so vote on who is really  looking out for the interest of YOU and YOUR family vs. the interest of BIG BUSINESS!!

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Anonymous said...

Now this is interesting... Syneeda you are truly an amazingly profound person. As an avid reader of your blog posts, you have enable me to take a look at race related issues from a different set of lenses. It's like you strategically pick and choose who or what to blog about to send a particular message. In college I read the autobiography of Malcom X and his life story was remarkable, especially leading to the end of his life. The American presidency election of 2008 began to set American on a reverse path and we have not been able to slow it down. Hopefully with this election we can finally be at full speed ahead.