Saturday, June 9, 2012

Telling the "Truth", even if it hurts!

            Our Black is Beautiful
                              Syneeda Penland ©2012

                                    Our black is beautiful,
                                    More beautiful than
                                    The most precious black rose.

                                    Our black is beautiful,
                                    Despite all the false stories
                                    We’ve been told.

                                    Our black is so beautiful,
                                    Just look in the mirror,
                                    Tell me what you see…
                                    An African King!?
                                    A Prince!?
                                    A Princess!?
                                    Maybe an African Queen!?

                                    You’re black is beautiful,
                                    Despite all the false stories
                                    You’ve been told.

                                    After years of being denied
                                    Access to our history,
                                    Tales of how our ancestors
                                    Were kidnapped,
                                    Bought and sold.

                                    Tales of how our ancestors
                                    Were bred like cattle,
                                    Tales of how our ancestors were
                                    Whipped, hung or killed;
                                    If they should ever gather
                                    Together to battle.

                                    Battle slave masters  -
                                    Who’d gotten rich off
                                    Our ancestors
                                    Blood, sweat and tears.

                                    Who for centuries,
                                    Violated our ancestors human rights,
                                    Instilling in their minds fear.

                                    Who for centuries,
                                    Oppressed the minds
                                    Of the next generations to come.

                                    Who for centuries,
                                    Hung and killed black men
                                    And brutally raped black women.

                                    Despite all that…
                                    Our black is beautiful!
                                    Just look in the mirror,
                                    Tell me what you see.

                                    A Warrior!
                                    A King!
                                    A Queen!
                                    Throne rulers of our destiny!

                                    My black is beautiful!
                                    Despite what they say,
                                    Your black is beautiful!
                                    Our black is beautiful!

                                    Remind yourself of this fact,
                                    Each and every day!


Anonymous said...

Very well written Syneeda, you are truly talented.

Syneeda said...

Thank you, I've written a complete collection of romantic, inspirational and erotic poetry, which will soon be released and available on several online retailers.

Anonymous said...

this poem is very informative it shows our powerful resilency mixed with superior skin tone. The picture chosen was perfect, capturing our royal ancestry combined with a unique triumph over traumatic experiences. It also captures biblical prophesy; ISAISH ch 19: 1 - 25 Egyptians are gods chosen people

Syneeda said...

Anon, When I write, I prefer to use candid imagery vs. metaphors. This poem is indeed pretty straight forward and far too often, or young men and women would rather defend who they are taught to be vs. who they truly are.