Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day, Dad

Coming Full Circle
(Dedicated to the memory of my father Richard)
Syneeda Penland ©2012

         Does death immortally bond us,
            or does our love fade away?
            Will thoughts of you always be with us,
            with each passing day?

            Death is a strange thing.
            Oftentimes you don't know how to feel,
            a feeling of numbness is first felt,
            while accepting the truth
            everything around you seems surreal.

            What’s left are the memories of your smile,
            the words that you have spoken,
            the many ways you touched our hearts,
            your memories become a token.

            Your generosity and your kindness
            always showing that you care,
            those who truly knew you
            could count on you
            to always be there.

            No matter how you chose to live your life,
            experiencing many trials and tribulations,
            you maintained your faith in God,
            in the end,
            receiving his affirmation.

            Through your life’s journey,
            finally “Coming Full Circle”,
            you remained grounded in your beliefs.
            With each passing word you spoke,
            you never showed discern of disbelief.

            It was your wish
            we celebrate this occasion,
            to always remember you
            at your very best.
            Now you say farewell, to all of us,
            as we lay you down to rest.

                I stand here today
            to proudly accept the torch
            of your legacy,
            the memories of your kind spirit
            and caring ways
            will forever remain inside of me.

            If I may speak on behalf of my siblings
            as we proudly say:
            “I am my Father’s Daughter!
            “I am my Father's Son!”

            Dear Father,
            it is your legacy,
            We will continue to carry on.

            We love you,
            and may you Rest in Peace!

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