Thursday, May 17, 2012

Project On Government Oversight on C-SPAN talking about GSA

Food for thought:
I strongly encourage you to watch this interview in its entirety with POGO's Executive Director, Danielle Brian, where she provides an in-depth insight into government oversight, or lack there of.  

A few years ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Danielle regarding the fraud, waste and abuse I uncovered relating to defense department contracts.   In her interview she mentions how this is an area of government oversight that still requires more attention from the Inspector Generals and auditors.


Anonymous said...

"government oversight that still requires more attention from the Inspector Generals and auditors."

That GSA's IG did its job. Changing the military's culture of cover-up means tearing down the current IG and re-building from the ground up. That's the kind of harm that the likes of Leonard C. Trahan caused to the credibility of the DoD IG. Likewise with Jill Loftus, formerly with the Navy IG. Now she's trying to cover-up and make excuses for the rising numbers of sexual assaults.

Syneeda said...

What I found to be most disturbing about this interview is how President Obama has yet to appoint an IG to the State Dept. WTF!! That's just as bad as the DoD IG investigating complaints of fraud within the DoD.

I strongly support the notion of allowing an outside agency/IG/auditor to come in to my organization to inspect my operation.

Tell me what's wrong so I can fix it.

And if it's broke, then make sure I have the proper tools and skilled workers to fix it.

I learned early on in my Navy career to be the best at my job, to acquire as many skill-sets that will help me get the job done.

By the time I was a Lt. junior grade Supply Officer I was a certified Navy IG investigator and served as the command IG investigator and legal officer for several years. I took that training with me to future commands and used my experience to keep my bosses out of trouble.

But, when your bosses are deliberately stealing from tax payers, someone with my skill sets becomes a threat!!

It takes a lot of heart and moral conviction to blow the whistle on your bosses, trust me, I know. It takes an even stronger person to admit to their wrong, but most greedy cowards will rather take their lies to the grave!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the DoD only has an “Acting” IG. You have to wonder what happened to the last DoD IG. The DoD IG, especially the Hotline, has a reputation for massive cover-up activities and burying tens of thousands of complaints.

Syneeda said...

Acting IG...vs. Permanent IG is all the same, its not like either/or will help out the military whistleblower!