Thursday, May 17, 2012

Does the U.S. Navy engage in Illegal "Selective Prosecution?"

Capt. Robert Marin

By now all my followers should be familiar with my story, how I was selectively prosecuted by senior Pentagon Officials on specious allegations of committing adultery (as a single person) several years ago, while serving on active duty in the U.S. Navy as a senior Supply Corps Officer, budget officer and whistleblower.

Did I fail to mention that I was facing a 16 year prison sentence on charges of "Conduct Unbecoming an Officer" and was fined $9,600, sentenced to serve 60 days in prison and was kicked out of the Navy just 8 months shy of my 20 year retirement eligibility.
Meanwhile, the former Commanding Officer of the USS Cowpens, who admitted to his adulterous affair, only received a slap on the hand!!!    WOW, talk about double standards!

On Monday reported:   

Cowpens CO Sacked for Adulterous Affair

“The former commander of the destroyer USS Cowpens was fired earlier this year for having an adulterous affair, according to a Navy investigation report.

Capt. Robert Marin, who was removed from command in February, participated in “an unduly intimate affair” between June 2011 and January 2012 with the female director of a Yokosuka base organization, according to the report. The woman’s name and organization were redacted from the report, which was obtained from Carrier Strike Group Five following an information request.

In light of the numerous Commanding Officers who have lost their jobs because of impropriety, he couldn’t help but know and understand the potential for disgrace and loss of his job when he pursued and entered into the adulterous relationship,” the report stated.

The woman’s husband, who also held an unnamed position at Yokosuka, discovered the affair in December and later reported it.

Marin confessed the affair to investigators one day after first meeting with them and apologized for his actions in a written statement.

“I did legitimately care for (the woman) and attempted to be discreet when interacting with her but fully recognize that this does not excuse my poor judgment,” Marin wrote, according to an enclosure in the report. “I deeply regret my actions and their impact on my wife and the (redacted) as well as the potential impact on the Navy and the Sailors I have been privileged to lead.”

Marin could have been charged with adultery under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. He was also suspected of conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman, and failure to obey a lawful order, according to the report.

Marin received nonjudicial punishment in lieu of court-martial at an admiral's mast proceeding in February, Navy officials said Monday.

Commander Task Force-70 officials were not immediately available for comment Monday.

Officers removed from command in recent years for personal misconduct have generally received nonjudicial punishments or simply been relieved prior to being discharged.

No evidence was found of predatorial or deviant conduct, the report stated.

Instead, the investigator characterizes Marin as “swept up in his own emotions and romantic notions,” and the woman as “a victim of her own emotional vulnerability and state.”

“In common vernacular, a mid-life crisis comes to mind,” the investigator stated as an opinion. “It appears to be a case of two people ‘falling in love’ with visions of a future marriage.

“They acted like two teenagers with new found romance that their parents would disapprove, rather than responsible adults with families involved,” the report stated.

Marin was transferred to Commander Naval Forces Japan in February following his removal. He has since been transferred to Naval Air Facility Washington, D.C., a Commander Task Force-70 spokesman said Monday.

Marin assumed command of USS Cowpens in January 2010, following the removal of Capt. Holly Graf. Graf was removed after an inspector general report substantiated ethical breaches, dereliction of duty, assault of her crew and other misdeeds.

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Anonymous said...

The fact that Marin got a "Sturges" doesn't surprise me. Syneeda your case was never about whether or not you committed adultery or allegedly used your rank over Wiggan's wife. After reading this article, it was because you blew the whistle on fraud, and prosecuting you to send you to prison was "Pay Back" not to screw around with top brass, plain and simple!

Anonymous said...

Marin didn’t get the “Full Sturges” because he does pay a little price---but not much---because he’ll eventually end up getting a hefty O-6 retirement check.

Syneeda said...

Anon, Yeah, that pretty much sums it up... "Pay Back"

Syneeda said...

2nd Anon,

Yesterday when I received a text about this story, I must admit it bothered me enough to blog about it. Four years ago this month I was facing a courts martial trial for adultery charges and charges of "conduct unbecoming an officer". When I read how Marin was suspected of conduct unbecoming an officer, not sure if he was ever charged or not, it further solidified that my case was payback for being a whistleblower.

I've had both African American friends, Caucasian friends, men and women alike; suggest that my conviction was based on sexism and racism.

I've had alot of time to reflect back over my entire military career while writing my memoir and there were times I agreed with my friends.

I have mixed emotions, ranging from anger to relief. Not prosecuting Marin, further proves that I WAS targeted as a whistleblower.

My book is finished and I am thankful to God for giving me my life back!!

Anonymous said...

The Navy has always selectively prosecuted people. It's all about who you know and if you go away quietly. If you admit that you are wrong, so that the Navy has a scape goat and can save face, then you get the slap on the hand and sometimes even a "Full Sturges." If you report wrongs, as you are required to do, and you piss-off the higher-ups, they will crush you like a bug. Was it pay-back and retaliation for Whistleblowing? ABSOLUTELY!

Anonymous said...

I'm just found your blog and saddened to read your story. I also was a Navy Supply Officer, and former Contracting Officer. I am also female and one of the first women to go onboard aircraft carriers, so I also experienced a lot of bias and overt gender discrimination. I understand how much pressure is always there on contracting officers to get things done. I remember one time when I explained how the purchase was not within guidelines, the Admiral's staff person told me "...I'm the TASKER, you're the TASKEE ...don't ever forget that"

It's outrageous what's happened to you. I retired in the 90's, and haven't had much contact with the military since then. I guess I was hoping that the military had made progress since then. Looks like it still hasn't -- sad. I'm looking forward to reading your book when it is published.

Syneeda said...


Thank you for taking the interest and time to read my blog. And for sharing your experience, as a former Supply Corps Officer and Contracting Officer.

After watching the Presidential debate the other night, when President Obama constantly "Alerted" the American public of the 2.3 trillion dollars (if my memory serves me correctly of the exact dollar amount), that Mitt Romney is already promised to the U.S. military.

The President stated, "Although the military hasn't asked for it", Mitt still has that amount identified in a proposed budget.

As two former Supply Corps Officers, I'm sure you will agree, this could only mean one thing... The Senate has probably "buried" a bill, or a request from one of the services, most like the Navy, requesting funding for, most likely another ship or airplane. I'm not sure, but that's a ball park figure for the price of one of their enormous weapons systems.

Oh well, if America want's to keep paying for "bigger and better" toys, that the defense department, may consider to be obselete in a few years, to keep up with the advancement of technology, I say, why keep wasting out money?!

Just look at how often our kids want a new cellphone or "IT" device... Every 6 months or so... I don't know what parent can afford keeping up with all the latest and greatest digital gadgets for their children, unless they are already "rich"...

But the majority of America is NOT rich, so how does our government expect for us to keep up with the Senior Admirals and Generals, constant "WISH LIST"...

Isn't that what we use to call the commanding officer's annual 3-year budget plan, "A WISH LIST"...

So, why Mitt Romney and his HOUSE BUDGET CHAIRMAN, Paul Ryan, are not wanting to TELL AMERICANS, what their plan is for the senior citizens, go ahead and ask your aging and sick parents and grandparents, who are ALREADY having to pay out of pocket for their medicare expense.

Just yesterday, my stepfather, who been by my mother's side, caring for her as a faithful husband, warned me that they will have to pay a $75 doctor's visit fee, and pay for all her medication and what other expenses that use to be covered under Medicaid-Medicare. My mom survived a brain anerysum two years ago, but it left her 100% disabled.

Now she is only one "victim", I know of who had a stroke from the side affects of a "faulty" breathing device doctors prescribe patients with "sleep apnea".

This condition, sleep apnea, is a serious condition, especially for people who are diabetic and suffer from high blood pressure, which was the case with my mother.

If I don't hear from a major publisher soon, I already have a target date to "self-publish" my memoir, which will be before the election.

The American public needs to know how their tax dollars are really being spent and I have highlighted a few examples in my memoir.

My story was never centered around the adultery case, neither is my book. I only mention that in a chapter or two. But in the next 16 chapters I clearly outline what my "ENTIRE" career was like, walking the fine line of trying to avoid both racial and gender discrimination, during 20 years in the military. My frame of reference of coping with it was based on where I was born and raised, in Northeast Georgia, 30 miles north of the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I guess you can say, I'm a product of my environment, someone who believes in my heart, spirit and soul, that WE should ALL fight for the HUMAN RIGHTS, of ALL AMERICANS!!

Isn't that what Dr. King would have wanted?