Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Special Tribute to a Military Veteran and “My Hero”

As we approach the celebration of Veterans Day, its hard for me not to think about the unfortunate death of my best friend, Army Major Gloria Davis.  When the Lord took her away from us it felt like he left an empty hole in my heart and I’ve struggled for years trying to fill it.

Since Gloria’s passing in late 2006, I have experienced deeper sorrow and pain.  In early 2010, my mom suffered a massive stroke. By the grace of God she survived it.  

In April of this year my father succumbed to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  On the day of his funeral service I read to him a poem I’d written in his memory, I titled "Coming Full Circle", which I share on my website; 

Among my collection of poems,  I wrote a special poem for Gloria which I’ve kept tucked away with other memorabilia’s which reminds me of her.  

In celebration of Veterans Day and as a tribute to her memory, I've decided to share it.  Like Gloria, we all have lost someone who was the “Hero” in lives.   Let us continue to honor them by always celebrating their memory.  To all my fellow vets, Happy Veterans Day!!

She’s  My  Hero
© 2011 
I sit here, in search of the right words to say.
I get down on my knees, in prayer,
To ask the Lord “Why have you taken my best friend away?”
Softly he whispers… “My child, it’s because I needed her this day.”

She blessed so many lives with her caring ways,
She charmed so many hearts with her glowing smile,
She warmed so many souls with her humble spirit,
She was simply adored for her alluring style.

Now is time for her to be amongst the heavenly angels,
Where she will continue to watch over every soul she’d touched.
The many days of loneliness and emptiness in your heart,
Is a reminder that she is missed, very much!

Remember, my child…
“Always be kind and gentle to everyone you meet.
Show compassion for others and love unconditionally.
Even towards someone you occasionally pass in the street.

By believing in yourself, people will always believe in you.
By respecting yourself, people will always respect you
Live your life unselfishly, always remaining true to who you are
Just like Gloria, one day you will become a bright… shining… star.

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Well if she didnt get involved with commiting fraud she would still be here.