Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Military Rape and Sexual Assualt, Growing Epedemic

I came across an article which discusses the growing epidemic of military sexual assaults and rape and what are few brave female veterans are doing to hold former Secretary of Defense(s) Rumsfeld and Gates accountable.

Here's an excerpt, you can read the full article online at:

Studies suggest as many as one in three female soldiers are raped during their US military service.

"My experience reporting military sexual assault was worse than the actual assault, "says Jessica (a pseudonym for her protection), a former marine officer and Iraq veteran who left the military because of her command's poor handling of her assault charges.  "The command has so much power over a victim of sexual assault.  They are your judge, jury, executioner and mayor: They own the law.  As in my case, they are able to crush you for reporting an assault."

Jessica is joining a civil lawsuit brining claims against former secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, charging that under their watch the military failed to adequately and effectively investigate rapes and sexual assaults within the ranks.

The litigation, which was filed in Virginia district court in February of this year by the law office of Susan Burke, is set to go to trial in the coming months.  The initial suit named 16 plaintiffs, all former or current military service members, - but in recent months that number has swelled to more than 30, as more and more veterans come forward as survivors of sexual assault.

The plaintiffs join the growing crescendo of veterans, military service members, spouses and their advocates speaking out against the problem widespread sexual assault and rape in the US military.

Food for thought:  The article pretty much speaks for itself!!

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Syneeda said...

Finally a few more brave souls who are not afraid to challenge the system!!