Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Herman Cain Finally Speaks out to Deny Sex Scandals

Today’s Washington’s Post headlines reads, “Herman Cain: ‘We are taking this head-on’.  Mr. Cain will appear on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, to deny the latest allegations of the alleged 4th woman who spoke at a press conference yesterday accusing the Republican presidential candidate of unwelcome sexual advances which she described that he “reached under my dress to touch my genitals”. 

After watching the news clips of the press release I’m left on the fence with this one.  Although she alleges the incident happened almost 15 years ago she had to read from a “script” to recall the events of the alleged sexual assault.   

As a strong advocate for women’s rights against workplace abuse or any other abuse towards women, I’m not 100% convinced of all the details she described. 

In her statement she stated, 15 years ago, she was aware of the other 3 women coming forward to formally file a sexual harassment complaint against Mr. Cain.  She also stated she decided not to file a formal complaint herself because she was not an employee of the NRA, yet she didn’t offer to provide a statement on behalf of the other women to support their allegations.

I’m sure if the other 3 women does exists the payoff settlement was HUSH money.  
If in fact Mr. Cain is a man who thinks he can go around a make unwelcomed sexual advances towards women and think he can just “Pay” them off, he should just go ahead and bow out of the race gracefully.  

America doesn’t need the likes of another “Bill Clinton” in the White House!

Food for thought:
In today’s society, there are a lot of women who believes she can just “Sleep her way to the top” by seducing men just to get ahead in the corporate world.  Such a notion places a stigma on women who are capable and qualified for top positions in the corporate world. 

Unfortunately, men placed in top leadership positions would rather employ women to first show off her skills in the bedroom versus the boardroom.

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