Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Are Our Lives Really “Purpose Driven”?

Today I want to discuss “Faith”.  Yes, I know, most people shun away from the mere mention of the word “religion”, which is not what this blog post is about, it’s about “Faith”.

Each of us was put here on earth to serve a particular purpose.  When tragedy strikes, and we lose a love one, selfishness blinds us from seeing that maybe, just maybe that person has served his or her purpose in life and it was time for them to leave us.

For years my family accused me of not believing in God and even accused me of being an atheist.  Wow, now that’s a strong word, “Atheist”.

For those who truly know me, they will assure you that my beliefs in a higher power are far beyond being an atheist.   In fact I am a true spiritual believer.  I strongly believe we are all here to serve God’s purpose for our lives. 

There are key events that took place in my life, where my faith has truly been tested.  There have been occasions when I prayed to God and he revealed things to me that most people would call a miracle. 

Just yesterday, I prayed and asked God to reveal certain things to me and when I woke up this morning he did. 

Food for thought:
We all have a calling and God has blessed each of us with certain gifts and even put key people in our lives to help us to carry out our calling.  

If you are running from your calling, “Let Go and Let God”, ask him to give you strength, wisdom, fortitude and the assistance of others to help you carry it through.  And guess what, he will!!   Because “Our God is an awesome God!”

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